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Unique floral Wedding Invitations and greeting cards in vector format for cheap prices

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I am a free artist and illustrator for more than last 6 years. Creating vector art and drawings grew out of my hobbies and enthusiasm to invent, draw and create something unusual and beautiful. Today, my artwork does not restrict any particular direction because I like to create cards, invitations, greetings or to draw individual elements, and my paintings can often be a landscape painting and abstraction.

I love to make something beautiful and happy if my work to help people in preparation for their significant and special occasions such as the birth of the baby, wedding, birthday, or to seem to be the most common and at the same time warm congratulations to Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. I bring joy if my works were purchased and enjoyed by people from all over the World, and proud that my paintings adorn the interiors of houses and apartments in different countries.

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