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TheTrendySparrow was created in 2010 by long-time crafts lover, Lindzi Shanks. TheTrendySparrow produces unique handmade paper goods for a variety of special occasions, primarily weddings, and has recently launched a line of chic art prints for the home. Every item is made by hand for a unique, high quality good that cannot be found in big box stores. The Trendy Sparrow also offers customization services upon request.

People often ask me, "Why is your store called 'The Trendy Sparrow'? For as long as I can remember, my grandmother called me her “little sparrow". Combine that with my love for fashion and other trends, you get “The Trendy Sparrow”. With a chic and vintage style, The Trendy Sparrow is often inspired by the girl who dances to her own beat, thinks outside the box, and isn't afraid to try something new. I wanted to create something for those chic, unique, and quirky personalities that aren't willing to stick to tradition. I want the emerging souls, the risk takers, the rule breakers, and polka dot wearers. Those are my customers.

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