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Free-Hand Calligraphy Engraving using a high speed drill. Engravers of Calligraphy PERSONALIZE things. I add names, dates, and sentiments on everything from dime-sized charms on a bracelet to a big crystal vase or a bottle of booze. I engrave calligraphy on anything metal, glass (crystal) or wood. I have even engraved a wrought iron garden gate. It’s all about gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and weddings that happen every day.

Free-Hand calligraphy for addressing invitations, book inscriptions, poems, certificates, etc.
The ancient art of elegant handwriting, calligraphy, has its root in Greek: Kalli, meaning beautiful, and Graphia, meaning writing. Your invitations are the first tangible example your guests will have of your wedding, and they can go a long way toward setting the tone.

Prices start at $3.50 per invitation

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