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Iyris Invitations - Crafting the whispers of your heart one invitation at a time. Visit us for a customized hand made invitations.

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Iyris Invitations - What will your invitations say about you?

Whether your event is small and intimate, cute and personable, or huge and glamorous, you want your invitation to stand out. You want an invitation that will speak to and for you.

By working together with you, and including you throughout our entire creative process, we are able to find the whispers that your hearts long to share. We then take these whispers and gently craft them into elegant one of a kind invitations that let your personality shine through. Our hand made invitations will be sure to stamp your event with your vision, and brand it with your personality.

At Iyris Invitations, (http://www.iyrisinvitations.com) our only limitation is your imagination. If you can dream it, we can make it. Your hand made invitations, are brought to life with the help of our skilled artisans. Each one of us brings a unique set of expertise to your invitations. By working together with you, our team ensures that your vision is well defined. With a well defined vision, you can be sure that the final product will be one that lives up to your hearts' desire.

So, what would you like your invitation to say about you?

Prices start at $3.75 per invitation

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Aldora Pocketfold Wedding Invitation by Iyris Invitations
Aldora Pocketfold Wedding Invitation by Iyris Invitations

Aldora means winged gift in Greek. Just as the name suggests, this line of invitations will feel like a wonderful gift for your guests. The Aldora makes a bold statement with its silky red paper, wrapped in lace and ribbon,and embellished with a metal rhinestone.