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Opulent amber. Shimmering green. Electric blue.

For thousands of years the exotic colors of the peacock has stood as a symbol of Luxury, Beauty & Pride. Just as this intriguing bird mesmerizes you with its brilliantly vibrant feathers, IJORERE captivates your eyes with an array of imaginative designs that will add exuberance to every occasion.

Our exotic invitations celebrate the beauty of intercultural diversity using unexpected & unique elements, keepsakes
sure to leave a lasting impression.

We strive to bring you exceptional service, an intimate experience & to ensure you have a memorable IJORERE!

After all your day comes but once, shouldn’t it be IJORERE …A day that is Grand?

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Venue Walkthrough: IJORERE Atelier

Opening IJORERE Atelier seemed like an inevitable path for me. For the past 15 years I’ve been in the design and construction industry. Architecture will always be my first love, so I knew, whatever I got my hands into, would ultimately involve creative designing...