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Hip Ink is stationery, evolved” - a custom design studio founded on the idea that wedding stationery doesn’t have to be stuffy, matchy-matchy, mass-produced and milquetoast.

We believe in the power of paper, the power of an invitation to set the tone for an entire event, the power to take the personality of a couple and the feel of their wedding and translate it to a heirloom-quality invitation incorporating a variety of papers, textures, objects and design.

We're looking for couples who want an invitation that not only speaks to them, but about them; who don't settle for trends, they set them; who not only want to invite their guests, but excite them.

Every wedding invitation tells the story of two individuals choosing to share their lives as one. Let your invitation be the reflection of your style, your dreams and your passions, interpreted through luxurious papers and design, materials and colours as bold and unique as your love story.

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DO Make It Personal: Why To Choose A Custom Wedding Invitation Designer

Today’s post is by the fabulously wonderful Sarah from Hip Ink, one of my first WeddingInviteLove friends to meet in person. She runs The Invitation Blog, a hilarious and informative blog about invitations, etiquette, and advice, and I’m so happy she donated a post to us today!