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So glad you found me! My name is Jen, and welcome to my creative home – Anthologie Press.

My love for all things creative was fostered in the most unexpected place – a motorcycle shop. I began working in my dad’s dealership when I was just twelve years old, learning how to polish bikes, sell helmets and do the books. As beneficial as those lessons were, I found early that I gravitated most toward laying out our newspaper ads and creating sale flyers and merchandise displays. Our family business grew, and along with it my passion for creative exploration and expression through design. That 10-year job instilled in me invaluable life skills and work ethics, and also led me to realize that I wanted to mesh my business knowledge and design talents into a career.

I have since earned a BFA in Multimedia from the University of Colorado at Denver, and have gained incredible experience as an in-house designer for some reputable and pioneering companies in the Denver area. As much as I love design in any capacity, corporate work just wasn’t floating my boat. I started designing wedding invitations for all of my friends getting married, and found that I loved the process. I was captivated while getting to know them individually and as couples, and working with them to create paper goods for their day that were a perfect reflection of just that. I have since delved into the wedding and event industry full time, and feel like I could not have found anything more perfect for me to be doing.

I am fascinated by the stories and layers that make us. We all have our own family tree, our own timeline, our own dreams and flaws that collect over the years and make us who we are. Whether for a person, a business or event, I believe so strongly in creating a visual identity that bares your soul and tells your story, albeit in the briefest way. I want to work together to create wedding invitations, stationery, or a logo with a style or brand that is uniquely YOU, far more than just pixels and paper and ink. I can’t wait to hear your life story, your brand story, your love story, or anything in between. I promise you all my ears and all my ideas until we get it right.

In the end, I want my work to be a collection of all of our stories, thus the name, Anthologie Press…

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