WeddingInviteLove is an online directory of wedding invitation vendors.

We're here to help you find the perfect vendor, whether by price, location, or style.

Designers: We'd love to showcase your work! WeddingInviteLove is a directory dedicated to making choices better and easier for couples, and giving more exposure to boutique invitation studios and designers. It will always be free to have a basic profile and we'd love to have you.

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Couples: We want to make it easier to find your wedding invitation designer for your perfect day! Search by price range and/or location to find the best studio that fits your budget and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the profiles free?

The basic profile on the site is, and always will be, free. We also offer an upgraded profile option for $25/month or $270/year, for vendors who want more portfolio images, more customization of their profile, higher placement and size in the search results, and more promotion through our blog and our partners.

Does WeddingInviteLove make any referral fees?

No, never. We encourage couples to find their ideal vendors through WeddingInviteLove and contact them directly, either through email or through the vendors's website. We don't want to be a middleman, we just want to make things easier and better for both vendors and customers.

How are you planning on promoting the site?

Combination of blogging on our blog, advertising on wedding related sites, partnerships with related sites, and Google Adwords and Facebook. A directory is no use if it isn't been seen by potential customers, so we'll be working hard to ensure that people know about us.

What's appropriate for a portfolio image?

It's extremely important to us to have beautiful, high quality vendors on our website, and no where is this more indicative than your portfolio image. We require portfolio images to be at least 600 pixels wide, and ideally 700px wide to fit full width in our profile pages. We encourage professional photography, but artfully arranged comps can work well. We do not accept plain PSD comps — you're showing your work off to potential clients!

All profiles are reviewed before approval and we reserve the right not to approve any profile that doesn't fit well with the site. If inappropriate images are uploaded after account approval, we reserve the right to disable the account until appropriate images are replaced. Profiles of the highest quality are important to us, and any wedding couple out there looking for their perfect vendor!

I have a suggestion/concern/idea/problem

We would love to hear it! Fill out our contact form or email Tracy any time with anything.

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Tracy Osborn

Tracy Osborn has always loved typography, and while in college for her BFA in graphic design, she loved looking at homemade wedding invitations on online wedding boards and blogs. She started WeddingLovely and released the first product, WeddingInviteLove, in January 2011 to help couples looking for custom designs to find their perfect designer. Since then, WeddingLovely's grown to a full network of vendor directories, a popular weddings blog, and an online wedding planning product.

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